The Comunità in Dialogo is "a group of people struggling to be themselves, to regain the dignity that makes man great, every man, whatever his history, whatever his wounds."

Because "every man has his wounds,

               and each is wounded

               there where he was not loved." (p. Matteo)

It is an intense experience of life that enables everyone to find the best part of himself: that part which makes us more honest, more sincere, more authentic, more free



 Founder of the Comunità in Dialogo.

"... Love is the mystery of life,

     it is life itself.

     It is recognized there where

     the “sense of gratitude” is lived,

     in equality among men,

where love is to hope and to struggle, it is to be humble and to suffer, it is to always believe in the positive possibilities of the other, despite contrary appearances ...! ... "


Here are some of the testimonies and reflections of p. Matteo, the leaders, the youth and friends; in them is recounted the story of a life made of hardships and sufferings; but above all transpires the powerful witness of a profoundly intense and transforming experience like that which one experiences in the Comunità in Dialogo.

There are different expressions but they are united in the same feeling of amazement at the discovery of the ability to love beyond the wounds of the soul, to open up to something greater that transcends us and gives meaning and value to our lives.