The first letter


We begin by presenting the first letter written by p. Matteo a few months after the initial experience of the Community.

One afternoon,
just after p. Matteo returned from engagements in Rome,
the first young person met him asking him:

“P. Matteo, write something for us
that will guide us
and express to us the spirit
of our being together!”


Then p. Matteo went immediately into his room and after an hour called the young people and read to them the following...



this letter is dated Trivigliano, 17/09/1991


We have begun now for some months our human experiencean experience of welcome and love. Acceptance and love that we all need, even for those who do not feel its need…


...because every man has his wounds,
and each is wounded there where he was not loved.


 And this wound is cured only with a great love and with the availability to carry, at least in part, the burdens of each other.

First of all a welcome to you Franco who at the end of your journey in the Community ‘Incontro’ offered your willingness to share with me: a willingness of welcome and service for every young disadvantaged (drug addict, alcoholic, etc.) who wanted it ..., and you who no longer had either mother or father you asked me if I would be a ‘little father’ to you...

a father also demanding
as you saw at certain moments,
but who rejoices in your every change
in the direction of true humanity,
of responsibility,
the ability to do more
autonomous and truly free choices
according to the good of yourself and others.


Then you came Danilo, you also won my resistance to begin that journey of love that you also wanted and it went for a long time - and through many experiences - maturing: it was February 22 at Casamaina, prepared in the experience and sacrifice already by other young people (Emanuele, Francesca ecc.) in different years. 

That human maturity I wanted to see fully realized in Franco, now I wished it also for you, Danilo.


And after you,
for everyone who comes to welcome freedom,
through hope and disappointment,
aware of our poverty, but always confident
in the greatness that man has within.
And so even he sprouted life.


But the struggle from the beginning for each and all is always against superficiality and caprice, against the lack of trust
in the forces that one has inside, against confusion and selfishness.


But those who have already suffered really too much, and paid a lot on the road of death, made often even of violence and
rebellion and he surrenders confident, then he opens up with courage - with courage! - patiently and with confidence to the values and way of life proposed, that truly makes great men in their simplicity;


then one found these as, increasingly, on the road of life, increasingly a participant in a vital climate, always more responsible, more capable of love, increasingly a leader in dealing with personal problems without waiting for others to solve them. 

And so, learning to talk,
to support each other
relives the man who is in each of us
day to day
no matter the effort and sacrifice!

Indeed no more afraid of sacrifice,
because the desire to live itself
in the deepest dimensions,
in their feelings, affections,
in the reality of their future
changed his mind
and again thought ...
this desire
it is stronger than all fear and sacrifice:

it is the Man;


it is the life of man that the Creator and Father has powerfully embossed in the being of each of us,
completely unique and unrepeatable, yet so alike and in need of one another.


“I have created life- God says - and I do not want death!”;
“… My glory is the living man!”

as if to say: I have worth, I have glory; I am. ... If you live, if you - man - son - discover and live according to the dignity
that I have given you”.

Now, after the experience of these months during which there have been other facts (The involvement of F.d.C. also on the part of medical personnel; Caritas of Anagni-Alatri who made themselves available, collaborating, Orphanage of Trivigliano, where the Sisters of the Precious Blood are present), after these other facts then we can say that our “way of life as protagonists into the path of human life is broader” as you go creating, recognizing ourselves together in the universal value of Love, which is the mystery and strength of life, of every life,

Love that also makes fullness beyond time for those share also the faith in Christ:


“To love someone is to tell him: You will not die!
To love him in Christ is to give him full resurrection!”