Our Principles are the synthetic and incisive expressions, 

drawn from daily experience, 

matured since the early months at Casamaina (AQ),

where p. Matteo received his first young people

in February of 1991

and they served right away to give solidity

and prominence to the values,

attitudes, and behaviors that they were discovering and maturing.


The Principles were born on the basis
of concrete situations that occurred
in the first few months of the Community:

not wasting wood, the hardness of some towards newcomers, instability, superficiality in one’s responsibilities ......

So the Principles were formulated
as a guidance
to the positive solution
of such real daily problems.


An ‘idea’ to acquire directional energies to solve problems! 


 1. Respect others with love 

2. If you are observant and circumspect
    in what you do today,
    it can be to your advantage also tomorrow

3. Learn how to use moderation
    in all that daily life offers
    and you’ll have what you need tomorrow

4. When darkness is all
    around you and within you,
    ask for help and rely with confidence
   on those who walk with you

5. Put heart into your responsibilities,
    exercise them well if you are willing to grow

6. Freedom is to know oneself
    in the motivations that inspire your behavior,
    therefore accept serenely
    the challenge of others

7. Always believe
    in the possibilities of those around you,
    as others have believed in you, even
    when you did not believe in yourself

8. When faced
    by heavy and difficult situations
    you no longer know what to say or do,
    know that
    you can always choose to love

9. You really grow and mature,
    when you feel capable of giving,
    rather than receiving,
    to understand
    more than to be understood

10. Without honesty and sincerity
      you cannot reach all of this
      to be reborn a man