Our Centers in Italy



The principal activity in the Comunità in Dialogo is connected to the residential program, which takes place in various types of centers:


Welcome Centers: Here the young person spends his first period in the Community experiencing the closeness and the stimulus for change that the group offers and he begins to familiarize himself with the routine proposed by the community.

Agricultural and Residential Centers: here the person is called to grow especially in his sense of responsibility and his relatedness to others by reference to and practice of “the principles”, which are the characteristic of these centers; here he can discover his relationship with others and find a balance in his life, even through daily contact with nature.

Spiritual Centers: provide an opportunity for deepening the spiritual and inner dimensions of the person through moments of psychological and cultural formation in a reflective atmosphere, leading to a greater self-knowledge and a deeper search of the most important questions of life.

Women Centers

CENTERS with a more Specific Purpose:

• “Casa Famiglia - Family House”: This is the first and only Family Home existing in the province of Frosinone ...for treating those suffering from HIV.

The Work Reintegration Center provides the person, for a period between six months and a year, with the possibility of accompaniment and support in the objective difficulties of reintegration for those who have no family support and no employment ...