About us


 The Comunità in Dialogo is "a group of people struggling to be themselves, to regain the dignity that makes man great, every man, whatever his history, whatever his wounds."

Because "every man is wounded,

               and each is wounded

               there where he was not loved." (p. Matteo)

It is an intense experience of life that enables everyone to find the best part of himself: that part which makes us more honest, more sincere, more authentic, more free. A radical change in the way of understanding existence that strikes at the heart of the use of substances, whatever they are. One will not drug just simply because they no longer need to.

One has learned how to live their existence more fully.


We appeal to men and women who, in the experience of their human poverty, choose, along with others, to believe in love and in the values of life. In particular to those who represent more clearly the spiritual crisis of our society and who are at the same time both witnesses and victims: drug addicts, alcoholics and people with psycho-social and behavioral problems.

Working for many years within an psycho-educational and improvement setting (leadership of the person and of the family, as well as acquisition of inner relational and social capacities).

The Community is equipped with an interdisciplinary team composed of Psychiatrists, Medical Toxicologists, Psychologists, Professional Nurses, Professional Educators and professional leaders. 

For many years one works within an psycho-educational and improvement (protagonism of the person and of the family, as well as acquisition of inner capacities, relational and social).

Community interdisciplinary team work composed of Psychiatrist, Medical Toxicologist, Psychologist, Professional Nurses, Professional Educators and operators.


WHY... "in DIALOGO"?

Why… “in Dialogo”? Because, day after day, learning to dialogue with one another, to mutually support one another, revives the man in each of us.
And no matter the work and the sacrifice; indeed, without more fear and sacrifice, because the desire for oneself to live in the most profound dimensions, with his own feelings, with affections, with the reality of his own future (possibly changed and with new insight), such desire is stronger than all fear and sacrifice!

It is man. It is the life of man that the Father and Creator has powerfully engraved into the "Being" of every one of us, unique and unrepeatable, yet so similar and with the need for each other.